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A Utopia on the Brink

Retake control of the secret weapons base Arch City and try to pick up the pieces left by a mysterious robot uprising. Prepare for the assault by customizing your load out with a vast arsenal of beam rifles, laser swords, explosives, revolvers, mines, flame throwers and rail guns. Equip your H.O.R.D. chassis with technology reclaimed from battle and become the ultimate soldier. Blast your way through classic lush pixel art environments - crippling enemy infrustructure and rescuing any survivors.

Protection comes in many forms including point defense drones, energy shields, and mini-bots. A meaty stat system gives you room for limitless flexibility. Strive to obtain the highest 'S' rank on each stage to fully upgrade and unlock your character. Find the most overpowered combinations of weapons and abilities and maximize your damage per second or become the ultimate bruiser and turbo into battle weilding beam swords!


  • Massive destructible pixel art environments.
  • Endless customization and viable builds aplenty.
  • All original retro-future synthwave 3D audio.
  • Rescue a huge cast of characters, each granting new upgrades.
  • Descover the truth behind the robot uprising and secure the master databanks!

What is Kite?

It's frenzied bullet hell action covered in a candy RPG shell. Kite's goal has always been to get the players adrenaline pumping, make them pucker up and finally deliver them into a zen garden of customization. Gameplay is classic twin-stick shmup, but each level has a different objective chain to complete and focuses on a specific mechanic or feature. After completion, players are ranked and features are unlocked based on their performance. Next, it's time to prepare for battle by customizing character load out - changing the items/abilities/weapons/companions and tweaking stats.

Alpha Build

Kite is moving into the final stages of Alpha and there is a build available for playtesting. The tutorial is a weak point and requires the player to tab through some dialogue while NPCs info dump all the mechanics at once. Currently all items/abilities are unlocked from the start, so beating levels and gaining EXP is the only progression. Gating the player experience and metering out mechanics is a design focus and will be a milestone for the Beta version. That being said, there are 7 levels for players to obtain an 'S' rank on. Survive turrest, droids, mines and grenades, save scientists, decrypt data and destroy infrastructure - the faster the better!

GL and thanks for checking out Kite! Please visit my Steam Greenlight and vote!

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Install instructions

Download file and run installer. Game will begin upon completion!


Kite Alpha 0.5.1.exe 162 MB


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this is without a doubt a REALLY GREAT game. im a huge fan of top down/isometric view shooters/hack'n'slashers....ESPECIALLY with RPG elements, or rogue-likes...

ive been scouring itch.io and gamejolt for freebies that fit that criteria lately.. this is definitely one of the best ive come across yet... cannot wait to see a full finished product...would most definitely pay my hard earned money for this game... just went and gave you a greenlight vote... cant believe this isnt already Greenlit...

only one thing i couldf say could use some work in this game... the movement feels a little odd...i guess its more the way the animations responds to your input but... thats a tiny issue...and not something that ruins the game in any way...

keep up the great work... will be following your development closely... i have a hard on for this one...

Wow thanks for the awesome review, and the vote! It sounds like you and I have very similar game interests!

What you said about the running animation is very true. I only have the key frames in right now, there will be at least twice as many frames as well as idle and a couple more states. So yes I agree! The old animation was a massive 5-way 14 frame monster but it clashed with my final art style. If you get a chance please tweet about Kite or leave a comment on Greenlight, it really helps!

so this is your favorite genre as well then, huh??

any suggestions for me?? whether free or retail games, makes no difference... always looking for more to add to my collection.,..

Hmm as far as modern twin sticks I of course love Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon. Brigador is looking really hot but I haven't played it yet - definitely one to watch. Gauntlet is pretty solid too (specially co-op). Infested Planet was a great game, really great mashup of gameplay. Hammerwatch is probably my favorite couch co-op PC game and it should be right up your alley. You've probably played or own a lot of those already though!

I am obsessed with the 16-bit era of my teen years and so if you do any retro gaming I also have many recommendations. Top of the list would be Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Soldiers of Fortune, and S.M.A.S.H T.V. (all SNES).

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Wow! I'm speechless! Thank you so much for the play through! I got so much great information from watching you, and it was super entertaining! Your commentary had me laughing so hard! Thanks for checking out Kite!